By Mark Wolpert 847924
#520411 I just upgraded my router/modem and was wondering if Port Forwarding is still required for vPilot? I notice I had done it previously but for static IP's that were probably changed over time on my setup without any ill effects. I flew one flight with vPilot and did not notice any voice dropping out which I know was an issue years ago with other programs like FSInn.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#520414 It depends on the router and whether or not it closes UDP connections after a period of inactivity. It also depends on how long that timeout is. It could be that the timeout is long enough that you would never encounter the issue since you'll be transmitting often enough to beat the timeout.

I don't have any forwarding in my router and I never have voice dropouts, but there are still plenty of users that do have dropouts with vPilot. Someone reports the issue about once a week in the forums. There is nothing special about vPilot that makes it immune ... it uses the same voice code as FSInn and other VATSIM clients.

Since you just changed your router, you may start experiencing voice dropouts if you don't forward the port. You can always wait and see.