By Laurence Lesmoras 1410722
#520422 hey guys, i recently downloaded vPilot to join a VA, but then, i cant connect to vPilot, im not really into multiplayer, its the first time ill be online, so yeah, it shows me this:

Code: Select all[17:35:05] Attempting simulator connection...
[17:35:07] Simulator connection failed.

Any help?, im running FS9/FS2004, and im using FSUIPC, thanks in advance!
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#520426 Uh, yep..... As clearly stated in the documentation, FS9 is not supported by vPilot... ... quirements

Although it's outdated and no longer supported, and the equipment suffixes are no longer aligned with the RW, you may want to look into SquawkBox.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#520440 Two things to get you started

1. Make sure there are others (we simulate, we don't play, so are not players) nearby
2. Start working down the Squawkbox troubleshooting/FAQ in the SB forum

Since this is the vPilot forum, any follow up should be made on a thread in the SB forum.

Not to worry, you'll get there just as thousands of others have in the past!