By Martin Cook 1413184
#520547 I am brand new to this and trying to figure it all out. I think I have Vpilot set up correctly, at least what I see on screen makes sense. Connected in observer mode, I moved the aircraft to different busy airports to listen in on Controller/Pilot voice communications. I received very little (1 or 2) voice communications from Vpilot. It showed that servers were available and controllers were on line. Mostly what I heard was chatter from the P3D ATC, even thought ATC was not activated in P3D.

Is this normal, or have I got it set up incorrectly?

Thank for any comments.

Martin Cook
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#520551 Martin, are you in range of a controller and tuned to their frequency?
There isn't ATC online everywhere, I suggest you use a tool like VATTASTIC to see where online ATC is. When you are in their range (you will see their callsign and frequency displayed on the left side of vPilot), you will be able to tune to, and hopefully connect, to their frequency.

If ATC is offline, pilots may utilize a text based UNICOM on 122.8.