By Jonas Hartung 1351607
#520799 Hi all,
i tryed a lot arround this command and my problem is still, that i cant see the traffic
the port forwarding (3290) is aktive and i readed the FAQ allready.
I think the connection work (i see atc stations in vpilot) but i cant see the traffic.

Without the .towerview command, vpilot work normally

Hope to get some help here.
By Johnny Coughlan 861497
#520800 Are you using it for watching planes and just don't want to show up for them and be invisible?, the just connect as an observer by checking the box in vpilot.

If you're controlling and want a tower view make sure you've the latest Euroscope version then once you're connected to the network in Euroscope, use the .towerview command.
By Bjoern Helge Smaavollan 1055999
#520913 .vis is a euroscope command to set the scopes' visibility center.

Check this out. I wrote a guide for my vacc on how to do it.