By Mustafa Hajjar 1409634
#520836 I read the vPilot documentation and Tips & Tricks but still can't figure out why I am getting so many failed aircraft creations. I am using vPilot v2.1.11, WoAI packages and MyTraffic 2013 in FSX. Both paths are correctly entered in fsx.cfg and I used VMRGenerator to create the custom rule sets, and there were some 3367 rules created.

vPilot Model Matching results are 21,641 models found and 11,545 identified which is plenty I guess. I have the VMRGenerator rule set loaded and applied in Custom Rules and my Advanced tab looks as follows:

[CHECKED] My Traffic\aircraft - 5224 models, 4,651 identified
[CHECKED] SimObjects\WoAI - 9,240 models, 6,744 identified
[CHECKED] SimObjects\IVAO_MTL - 6,802 models, 29 identified
[CHECKED] SimObjects\Airplanes - 248 models, 121 identified
[CHECKED] C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects - 1 model, 0 identified
[CHECKED] C:\Program Data\12bPilot \SODE\SimObjects - 126 models, 0 identified

The moment I connect to vPilot, red messages of failed aircraft creation start pouring in. The great majority are WoAI package matching failures. I looked in the WoAI folder for few of the failed aircrafts and they seemed fine to me, the aircraft.cfg is there and so are the texture folders...etc.

vPilot is running as administrator so is FSX and I think I installed it as administrator as well, but I really don't remember, I usually do for FSX related addons.

What am I missing?

By Mustafa Hajjar 1409634
#520853 I just removed VMRGenerator vmr reference from Model Matching and hit Apply if it makes any difference. I restarted FSX and vPilot, but the problem persisted. The failed aircrafts are of all sorts of models and liveries, but all are WoAI. I am going to try and reinstall the WoAI packages and see if it helps.

If you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to try them.

By Mustafa Hajjar 1409634
#520855 Nope, just FSX-SE.

I am downloading new WoAI packages now and will install fresh and report back.

One thing that is worth mentioning. I did have everything installed and running fine a while ago, then after installing MyTraffic 2013, I thought I wouldn't need WoAI so I deleted all the WoAI aircraft folders from SimObjects\Airplanes\
Then I went back and reinstalled them into SimObjects\WoAI and made sure they are in the fsx.cfg file (SimObjectPaths.9=SimObjects\WoAI). But I also installed a bunch of scenery, mesh, and airports as well in the two or so weeks between the last time I was sure vPilot was running fine with no aircraft errors and now.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#520856 That should be fine, since you said that vPilot recognizes the models in SimObjects\WoAI.

Reinstalling the WoAI models as you are doing is probably the best bet ... seems like something must be wrong with how they're installed.
By Mustafa Hajjar 1409634
#520905 Hey Ross;
I just fixed the problem and I wanted to let you know in case someone else runs into the same problem.
I believe the problem was caused by running the WoAI installer multiple times in the past, which resulted in duplicating the title of each AI airplane in the aircraft.cfg file.

I reinstalled WoAI packages and obviously that didn't help because the simobjects/woai folder was still there, so I reinstalled vPilot and that didn't help either. I then started seeing FSX messages saying 'There are multiple objects with the same title name...'. All of which from simobjects\woai. So I looked at few aircrafts and sure enough their title was duplicated multiple times, I guess as many times as I ran the WOAI Installer. Nonetheless, I did a clean install after removing the WOAI folder completely from simobjects and that did the trick, no more duplicate title messages and no more failed aircrafts in vpilot.

thanks for all your help,
By Ross Carlson 887155
#520907 Ahh, good to know ... too bad the WoAI installer isn't "smart" enough to not duplicate the aircraft.cfg entries.

Thanks for taking the time to post your fix.