By Nico Kaan 814584
#521106 Hi guys,

This is to inform you that VMRGenerator 10.0 no longer generates matching rules for vPilot ...
It only generates the file AI_liveries.txt to be used by my real life traffic program PSXseeconTraffic.

The reason is that with vPilot v2 you no longer need the VMRGenerator.

VMRGenerator version 9.9 is the last version that can generate matching rules. I'll keep a link to it on my website, but do not expect any more updates (the version check has been disabled too).
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By Felipe Peixoto 1363720
Nico Kaan 814584 wrote:
Norman Blackburn 870575 wrote:Psx real traffic maybe?

Could be, it may be confusing. So I have now removed the link to the old version.

Hello Captain, can you please provide the link again? I'm lost trying to make MTLs work on vPilot, how can I do that? Where can I download if I cannot use IVAO's?

Thank you,