By Ainz Gone 1413936
#521306 Hey all


I can't connect FSLabs a320 with Vatsim using P3D simulator, I don't know how But I know its possible.

When i get to Vatsim vPilot app on the Settings I don't find FSLabs a320 listed with the 130 other aircrafts even FSLabs a320 Installed on P3D and Launched and the Aircraft is fully ready for Pushback and Startup.

I need your help on this one because I see many videos are on Youtube using FSLabs a320 on P3D connecting with Vatsim.

I hope get responds on this one pretty soon

By Norman Blackburn 870575
#521308 Hi Ainz,

Im one of the FSL testers and fly all the time on VATSIM.

When connecting just enter A320 as your type. Thats it, nothing else!
When sending a flight plan you could choose Suffix X.