By Bryn Battersby 848612
#521318 There used to be a really useful file called modelmatching.log in documents/vpilot. You could check it at the end of a flight and see which liveries were missing, and spend a few minutes adding these to the models so they worked next time.

This looks like it is now gone (along with the also useful similarAircraftTypes.txt where you could override erroneous ICAO codes for aircraft types, e.g., N747 to B744).

Is there any way to see which liveries are missing anymore?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#521330 I removed the model matching log with 2.0 because it is much less useful now that vPilot scans your installed models and autogenerates matching rules.

If you want to see which aircraft are not finding a match, you can use the debug log with the -dbglog command line switch. The resulting file will have entries for both successful and failed matches. You can search the file for "Model match failure" and it will show you the callsign and type code that it tried to match.

You'll probably want to delete the debug files every so often so they don't eat up too much disk space.