By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#521481 Hi All and Ross,

I've started using dynamic links to move large items such as sceneries to a secondary drive to free up space on my main windows/fsx SSD. It seems to work fine, however, I moved my WOAI folders from simobjects/airplanes/ and now I don't get the AI traffic and vPilot is miss matching all the vatsim traffic around me... I haven't tried changing the fsx.cfg location of the WOAI but I thought with the dynamic link that's not necessary?

By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#521485 ok so even though vPilot was coughing up errors you think it's because FSX isn't "seeing" them first? (not meant as negative comment)

I'll try adding the fsx.cfg to point to the new drive see if that clears it up.