By Brandon Duncan 938461
#521601 I have no idea what happened, but now out of the blue my PTT button does not work in any of my planes. So now I cannot transmit voice. vPilot allows me to assign a PTT button just fine which means it recognizes the button I assign, but the button that I assign does not allow me to transmit, I push the button and the Tx light in vPilot does not light up as it should when I press the button. I have tried other buttons but no buttons work. This just started happening.
By Brandon Duncan 938461
#521615 I do run vPilot as administrator.

The only reason I bring up vPilot in flight was when a controller a few nights ago could not hear me, so I pulled up vPilot and I noticed that when I press the PTT button the Tx light in vPilot was not lighting up.

Last week I could transmit voice without any problems. I have not added any add-on software to FSX since the problem began so we can rule out new add-ons as a problem.

When flying online I do not have FSX in full screen mode because vPilot is unlike Squawkbox. If an airport is not being controlled I have to type my announcements on UNICOM.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#521650 Where is your PTT button? If on a yoke, have you tried remapping it to a keyboard and checking if anything changes?

I wonder if a Windows update hosed something up. Can you restore your Windows to an earlier restore point, before you had the problem, and see if it resolves?
By Brandon Duncan 938461
#521665 I failed to mention but this happened to me in mid-flight, so I can rule out Windows update. I think, but maybe I am wrong, in that I can also rule out Windows update because I use this very same yoke button in another program and that program acknowledges the yoke button.

What is extremely weird is that vPilot recognizes my yoke button when I assign it in vPilot's PTT settings page, but it does not recognize it when I want to transmit. I have tried assigning other buttons, and vPilot recognizes the other buttons just like it recognizes the assigned button on my yoke, but the other buttons do not allow me to transmit either.

I always run FSX and vPilot as administrator.

How many files would stay behind in the Windows 10 (64 bit) registry if I were to uninstall vPilot and re-install vPilot?
By Clarke Kruger 847916
#521672 Just going to stab in the dark here as I run a networked system, But I have my PTT assigned through FSUIPC, But you have to have the check mark in HOLD WHILE pressed, or else the TX will just flicker a not stay on.