By David Jones 1355531
#521707 Hello All,

I have been wanting to ask this for some time now...

When I file a flight via vPilot, why is it that when I go to my stats page it shows that the plan has been filed multiple times?¿ For instance my last flight, N215PW, it shows 7 times? When in fact I filed it once, did not lose connectivity nor pause or do anything other than fly and land. Almost all that I have filed show up as multiples, some in the double digits.
Not sure what's going on here? Any ideas?


By Don Desfosse 1035677
#521708 It's not just vPilot, it's filing via any software/page/method. I know changes get shown (whether initiated by the pilot or controller). But, you're right, flights are often shown multiple times on the stats page. It's something that I've wondered too over the 10+ years I've been on VATSIM. But never asked/figured out.... Hopefully someone who knows can shed some light.
By Dace Nicmane 1313735
#521716 When flying without ATC, it's usually two. When ATC changes something, the number increases and sometimes you can see the change and who has done it (in the "Amended by" column) but not always. My guess is that the "invisible" changes are some things that are not included in the stats page, e.g. the squawk code, or simply saving the FP without changing anything.