By Felix Krohn 1342914
#521811 Hey guys,

I found some information concerning this topic, but none of them really helped me out.

It started this week, that vPilot disconnects every 2 - 10 minutes, roughly. It just does not match with any other event.
I already changed to other servers, with no result. Re-installed vPilot (so I have the latest Version), did not change anything.

I thought it may have something to do with my internet connection - but no other program has any problem whatsoever. I won't be kicked from any server in a shooter game, I won't be kicked from a TS server or anything.

Because we changed our Internet connection (to a faster one, actually) last week, I thought that there may be connection losses. However I checked my connection with Net Uptime Monitor - it doesn't monitor any connection fail. However it only checks once a second. I wonder if it will bother vPilot if the connection is lost for a millisecond or something.

Maybe some of you guys has an idea....
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#521817 Did changing to a faster internet include a new modem? If so, I wonder if that could be the culprit. I know when I upgraded to a faster connection I had to get a different modem from my provider, although I didn't experience any connection issues when I did.

By Felix Krohn 1342914
#521821 Yes, we got a new router. But we got the new router first, and the first flight with the new router was no problem. It only started after they changed our connection.

Btw.: Tried Squawkbox yesterday for a couple of minutes, which seemed to work fine :/ Guess it has more to do with vPilot somehow.
By Mark Walsh 1228495
#521938 I've had that experience with a slower internet connection (1.5 mpbs down). Although vPilot worked fine on the connection, I experienced a laptop of mine was running windows 10 and wanted to download the updates. This seemed to bottle neck the internet connection and had the disconnect problem.
By Tim Barber 819096
#521962 Does it disconnect you from the network, or do you just lose voice? If you lose voice only, does pushing your PTT resolve the issue momentarily?