By michael chute 905072
#521847 I read just about everything but can't seem to solve this.

My "HOST" is connected to my P3Dv3 Flight Sim but both HOST "Connected to remote" and "Connected to network" are red X's
My "REMOTE" keeps trying to connect to the correct IP Address but no luck. The Firewall PORT is the same on both Host and Remote

Running WINDOWS 10 on both machines, along with WINDOWS Defender and I have added vPilot.exe as an allowed exception to Defender on both computers the vPilot versions are the same and I am also using the pay version of WIDE FSUIPC

I am not a techie so I have gone about as far as I can. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you
Mike Chute, 905272
By michael chute 905072
#521856 Sorry. Please disregard!!!

Reading other Forum entries, I discovered there was a slight difference in my IP address. With that change, I am connected host to remote and on the Vatsim Network.
For some reason my headset is not working and I think rebooting the laptop should solve that.

Mike Chute, 905072