By Joseph Critcher 1302037
#521956 Hello All,

I recently upgraded my PC with a new Motherboard, RAM and Processor. Since this whenever I connect on VATSIM it has been eventful with issues and other things, whenever I am on UNICOM or a non-voice Frequency all runs smoothly however when I go onto a Voice Channel for example Ground or Tower at a controlled airport after about 3 Minutes my Vpilot Does not Respond and I cannot recover it. It's a pain in the [Mod - Happy Thoughts] because it means that I then present an issue to the controller because although I may be moving in the Sim I won't be on their radar, no other traffic is moving for me and I am not moving for any other traffic which may present an issue in terms of spacing. I have tried to update all my Sound Drivers and all are up-to-date...

Any help is greatly appreciated!