By michael chute 905072
#522506 vPilot v 2.1.11; Flight Sim P3D v3; Windows 10

Just completed a short on line flight with a P3D v3 default Beechcraft King Air 350. I use EZDOK v2 and I also had FSrealWX Pro v2.04.854 all running on my Flight Sim PC along with vPilot.

The instrument panel in the Virtual Cockpit view was blinking at about a 1/2 second speed. The outside views were normal.
When I opened the default Garmin GPS window, the blinking stopped.
Once I landed, I closed the GPS window and the blinking resumed. I then disconnected from vPilot and the blinking stopped.

Any ideas?

Mike Chute
By Markus Schober 1328585
#522521 Mike, was that an effect like the panel lights being turned on and off periodically, or do the panels/gauges disappear and reappear completely? For the first case, I recall having such an issue in FSX when I was working on a fix of the external lights of a freeware add-on aircraft. After adding a completely unrelated light and switching it on in the sim, the panel lights suddenly started flashing in the rhythm of the beacon light. So did you by any chance modify that plane's aircraft.cfg file, specifically the [lights] section?
By michael chute 905072
#522554 The issue had nothing to do with lights as I was flying in the daylight.
The gauges stuttered on a quick repetitive basis at least until I opened the GPS Window. The "blinking" only stopped when I disconnected and closed vPilot

Initially I thought the cause was my weather program updating. I have seen a similar flutter while using FSX and the Default Jeppersen weather update. In that case however it was just the speed dial that blinked and by going to the Weather drop down menu and "accepting" the update, the speed dial will stabilize.

Thanks for your reply Markus

Mike Chute