By Jon Sousan 1333142
#522919 I've never posted here for help but, could use a hand in locating the proper channels of instruction. I have successfully been using vPilot as ATC connection with (non Steam)FSX and then went to the virtual world using the Oculus Rift goggles which requires FSX Steam Edition. Though the FSXSE experience is amazing for flight, I'm not as impressed with the interactive ATC yet. I'd like to get back to the communication with live ATC if it is possible. That certainly, would make the experience as true to life as possible. Can anyone offer help with this?
By Jon Sousan 1333142
#522924 OK more concise.
I was forced to upgrade to "FSX Steam" in order to use the Oculus Rift. Prior to this upgrade I was using FSX with three monitors in which I enjoyed the ATC with Vatsim using vPilot as the liaison. At that time all I had to do was double click vPilot icon after launching the FSX program, and it would come available for connect.
I don't see the option of being able to do this in the same way when I use the Oculus Rift VR system, unless I am missing something here. Is there a special installation or app that is available to place the vPilot information box within the cockpit when I am in the virtual world?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#522947 Are you using FlyInside?

I believe it allows you to bring external programs (such as vPilot) into the cockpit while using a Rift. I haven't used it, so I'm not 100% sure it'll do the job.
By Jon Sousan 1333142
#523083 For those of you who are tracking this post, I did have some success in the "importing" of the vPilot box inside the cockpit. I overlooked the "import window" box that appears when you prompt the VR menu. Though this is a great discovery, it is still a bit on the development side I am sure. The imported windows still move around with the slightest adjustment of the goggles. Option to suspend or disabled such features are going to be needed in the future. That's my take.