By Henry Wallace 1421586
#522979 Hello!
My name is Henry and I am new to VATSIM.
I have recently been having issues with V pilot in which I get given the frequencies for radios for airports that I am not at. An example would be when I was ready to taxi at Liverpool (EGGP) and V pilot gave me all of the frequencies for Manchester (EGCC) including things like ATIS which makes it virtually impossible to talk to atc.

Kind regards,
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#522980 Hello, Henry, and welcome to VATSIM. The controllers (and associated frequencies) are displayed based on your distance from the active ATC stations. They attempt to simulate radio range. So it's entirely possible that you could be at one airport and see ATC that is online at a different airport. The key is to look for the identifier for the airport you are at/airspace you are in/near; you may ignore ATC/frequencies for facilities you are not using.