By Chris Makris 810670
#523032 Quick question about Vpilot model matching. I had UTLive installed. I have now removed them and also confirmed that the matching rules are also removed t. Computer restarted and vpilot re read the installed models However any time another plane is seen I am getting an error message ""Failed to create aircraft XXXXX using model UTlive_XXXXXX. THe model may be corrupted or missing. vpilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model". The plane is shown correctly with the other AI packages I have set up. I was wondering why this error though.
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#523038 I suspect you still have a registry entry for UTLive somewhere that wasn't removed and vPilot still sees that entry...of course, in the words of Dennis Miller...I could be wrong. :D

By Ross Carlson 887155
#523039 vPilot does not use registry entries to locate installed models. It looks at your flight sim config files to see which simobject paths you have enabled, and then scans those paths for aircraft.cfg files, then scans those files for model definitions.

It seems like your uninstall of UT didn't remove the simobject paths properly.