By David Papp 1288601
#523891 Today an Emirates B772 was flying above me and I saw him as a Regional Jet. He had correct icao B772, UAE in callsign, he used vPilot as well. I wrote to him and he sad he could see me as a Regional Jet too. That is very strange to me, because everything seems okay. :? :?: Is it a vPilot match bug or I should check something? AI model is working! At least the default livery B772, because I saw a bit later that factory livery with on other aircraft used B772 type.
By David Papp 1288601
#523895 That's a fact, but there is 2 more option before vPilot uses Regional jet:
1. Same airline with a similar aircraft type (B77L,B773,B77W)
2. The used aircraft type with default livery (B772)
I have 3x Emirates livered AI and a default B772. In addition I was flying with a common Wizzair A321 and I was a regional jet in his view too. So just no idea... I hope it was just a random bug.