By Erwin Boer 1421494
#523988 Hi, so here's the thing;

I've been away for quite a while and I'd like to fly online again. There was never a unsolvable issue since I use VATSIM. It has been over a year since used VATSIM. So I installed Vpilot again and everything works fine till the moment there is ATC online and I have to communicate.

There is nothing going on within the first few minutes but after a few something simply blocks all the radio transmissions. Meanwhile the ATC tries to contact me but I don't receive a thing. The only way for my to receive messages again is to hit the push-to-talk button but that is highly annoying for my fellow users.

!!!The sim (P3D) is running as admin as well as Vpilot!!!
Vpilot is ran in stable and beta mode. Verion 2.1.11

Is there anyone here who has/used to have the same problem as I have right now or is there anyone who can sort this out?