By Don Desfosse 1035677
#524443 I haven't, but I do have a few things to check. By all means stop as soon as your issue is solved!

1. When you say you haven't had success, are you sure you *should* have had success? In other words, are you sure that you were looking at aircraft that had logged on properly with a valid ICAO code (NOT just the flight plan, but their actual login) and that the airlines the users logged on as actually fly those aircraft and your AI program actually has those aircraft in its library? This will involve using the .aircraft command. Read the Model Matching Troubleshooting FAQ and Tips and Tricks guide for more info if you have not already.

If you're sure all of that was done correctly, then (The following is written for FSX, although IIRC it's nearly identical for P3D. Also, for P3D, a great tutorial was written for MyTraffic, that could be helpful: ... 73#p159473):

2. Ensure your AI traffic has a "home" in the sim to be found.
2a. If your AI package installs into your SimObjects\Airplanes folder, you are all set.
2b. However, if it installs in some other folder, you'd go to your FSX.cfg file and ensure that you have a SimObjectPaths line that points to your AI installation. For example:
User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter
SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\JustFlightTrafficGlobal (or whatever it's called)

If you don't have a path that was installed into your FSX.cfg file, you'll need to add it (as shown above). Make sure the SimObjectPaths.x has a different, sequential number.

3. Since I'm not familiar with that traffic package, and if the issue was not solved per the above, we should check to see if the models were written correctly such that they can be identified.
For vPilot to identify a model, the model either has to exist in the model database that vPilot downloads from the web server, OR, the aircraft.cfg file must contain a valid ICAO type code in the atc_model line, AND a valid airline code in the atc_parking_codes line. Can you check some representative aircraft.cfg files for aircraft that did not model match, and see if they are valid ICAO codes?

Let us know how you make out!