By John Vinke 990788
#524509 I downloaded the latest version of vpilot, and am using Prepar3d 4.2, on an Alienware 52 with Windows 8.

It opens just fine, but then hangs on the window screen asking if I'm using Prepared v.2 or v.4. I can pick either radio button (as I have both versions), but it just stays there and I can't do anything else. I have to close it down with task manager.

I'd upload a screen shot, but that isn't cooperating either.

Any assistance would be welcome. It would be nice to return to VATSIM as I've been away for awhile.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#524512 You're probably not seeing the "OK" button which runs along the bottom edge of the popup window underneath the radio buttons. This might be due to your computer running a higher DPI "zoom" setting. After selecting the radio button, press TAB then space bar. That should press the OK button and allow it to continue.

Please report back whether or not this works.