By Richard Boudreault 937955
#524684 Hello pilots,
Please can someone tell me what version of vpilot I should get ? I saw BETA is it the right one ? I have windows 7 64 bit.
ALSO does vpilot connect to the real weather or I have to select it in FSX the weather that update every 15 min ?

Thanks you very much

Richard B.
By Richie Queally 1394209
#524695 Whichever one of these 2 you want to download from here:

It will be running off the VATSIM metars, which are pulled from different providers, giving the real world metars. I will definately not be the same as the FSX metars in most fields, as that's fairly badly broken. If you're wanting some good weather engines, in payware there's Active Sky ( and in freeware there's FSrealWX ( They will be very similar to what the VATSIM metars are showing.