By wil de boer 854822
#524762 I nearly try`d everything I think . But Vpilot voice go`s on pause during flights online . It doesn't matter depart , in flight or arrival.
A lot on online or a few.
I re install , with or without remote pc , with or without virus prog or firewall.
changing ports .
Nothing matters .
Its very annoying for the controllers the try to call and i don`t hear them , as soon i hit the send button vpilot is back.
Its only the voice because the txt messages remain visible .
On this point I think i cannot be vpilot but it begin after a update. Because in the beginning vpilot works fine .
Is there some one knowing this behavior with vpilot and a solution.
in advance
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#524799 Norman is spot on. I often joke -- there are only 3 lines in the vPilot installation instructions -- you are having an issue because you didn't follow the third line (or read the vPilot FAQ where this issue is addressed) :mrgreen:
By wil de boer 854822
#524863 the answer for the solution was more rare/simple .Flying in edinburgh with atc online , i did the approach on txt because off the behavior from vpilot.
The controller asks me have you ever try`d switching server and no its never comes to my mind .
So i switch server from uk to australia .
And since than no more receiving error.