By Brandon Duncan 938461
#525152 This is a first for me. Before I forget I always run vPilot as admin, and in this instance I shutdown vPilot and re-started it but neither helped. So a VATSIM supervisor told me to post the problem here as he helped me as much as he could:

First of all I tried some ".com1 122.800" commands the supervisor told me to try but that did not help.

I dialed the appropriate freq into the captain's side Comm 1 radio but it would not change the Com 1 freq in vPilot. However when I changed the freq on the co-pilot's com radio, vPilot's Com 2 freq did change, but I could not use it because Com 2's Tx and Rx were grayed out.

If someone needs screenshots, I have 2 of them.

Help would be appreciated.

By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#525157 I don't know about the 777, but in the PMDG 747 at least, if the captain's mic switch isn't engaged, it will simulate a radio that can't transmit by way of setting COM1 to a fake frequency (136.975 or something?) and locking out any changes made via either the simulated tuning dial or via the dot-command in vPilot. Not sure if that is true also for the 777 but it's the closest thing I can think of to the described symptom.