By Aaron Brand 819799
#525455 I am using p3d 4.3.

Whenever vpilot cannot find a match for an aircraft it will obviously use one of the default p3d aircrafts.

So today for instance somone was flying with an OAL callsign in a 737 and no match could be found so it showed the regional jet as a default.

The question I have is:

If I create a ruleset with the line
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B737" ModelName="<whatever-the-path-is-to-an-unpainted-737>//<another-path-to-another737" />
will vpilot use that for ANY 737-700 or only unmatched ones?
If it does it for ANY 737, then what if I put it at the bottom of the list of rulesets I am using as I believe it processes custom rulesets in the order they appear first?

I am comfortable with creating my own rulesets and currently have 3 that I made called SHT.vmr, EZS.vmr and EZY.vmr.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#525461 If you make a rule like that with no CallsignPrefix specified, it will only use it after trying to find a more specific match using any rules that DO include a CallsignPrefix.

In other words, what you are suggesting is the correct way to use a generic unpainted model for a given aircraft type.