By Lennart Vedin 910701
#525941 Hello :) !
I intend to replace my FS9 with a new system. I would appreciate any input/correction and answers a lot, thank's. I fly mostly in Europe.

I likely aim for P3D v4 prior to FSX due to assumed realism and graphic details.

What is the difference regarding built in scenary and realism with accurate taxiways etc. And when addon sceneries is required, is there free addons available ?

What about worldwide radio-navaids available uppdates P3D/FSX?

Previously I used Active Camera. Does P3D include storable virtual-cockpit-views available by single-key-strokes, else is there an other solution ?

I prefer a separate PC for Vatsim Client and e.g. Active Sky due to performance but also due to many reserved single-key-functionalities at the main PC.

I have understand only vPilot support P3D multiplayer.
By using FSUIPC5 and WideFS-client. Is vPilot proved to work at a separate PC linked to P3D and does squawk-setting from airplane work in this setup ?

Does P3D include realistic real weather, or is Active Sky recommended and is it proved to work at a separate PC ?

Anything more that is a must/nice to have ?

I aim to follow P3D v4 recommended PC in general and to use GeForce 1070. Windows 10 Home. Using my old CH products yoke and pedals (I have verified work at Win10 64-bit).

Best regards Lennart Vedin
By Ross Carlson 887155
#525943 vPilot can run in a split host/remote mode, where you run it in host mode on the P3D PC, and run another copy in remote mode on a separate networked PC. The host instance handles all communication with the sim via SimConnect, as well as all communication with the VATSIM server. Voice communications can be run on either the host or the remote instance, depending on your preference for where your headset is plugged in. PTT can be set up on either the host or the remote or both.

Note that there is no requirement for FSUIPC or WideFS here. vPilot uses its own socket to communicate between the host and the remote instance.
By Lennart Vedin 910701
#525944 Thank you Ross !
Regarding vPilot, that's just perfect alternatives, also saving me the FCUIPC cost, SimConnect is free isn't it. I assume the squawk-setting from airplanes work as well.