By David Hinson 824431
#526890 Still trying to learn vPilot Model Matching. I have AI Aircraft in a folder ...Simobjects\AIPlanes and the following in my
FSX-SE config file:

User Objects=Airplane,GroundVehicles,Boats,AIPlanes

but vPilot does not find aircraft in AIPlanes folder.

What am I doing wrong ?

Dave Hinson
By David Hinson 824431
#526891 Forgot to mention - when I do a scan for aircraft, Model Matching\Advanced does not show ...SimObjects\AIPlanes as a directory to scan.
How can I enter ..SimObjects\AIPlanes so vPilot will scan it ?
Also, when the scan shows "2132 models found, 1145 identifies", what does this mean ? Are unidentified aircraft not used in vPilot ?

Dave Hinson
By Ross Carlson 887155
#526892 Can you post a screenshot of the contents of that SimObjects\AIPlanes folder?

"Identified" means vPilot was able to determine (by scanning the aircraft.cfg file) which ICAO type code and airline code the model can be used for. If a model is not identified, vPilot will not use it for matching, since it can't determine what type of aircraft it is. This happens when the model author does not put a proper ICAO type code or airline code in the appropriate fields in the aircraft.cfg file.