By David Hinson 824431
#527073 I am attempting to reduce the number of default aircraft I see at airports. I know there are several reasons for this:
1) Crazy callsigns
2) Unknown Type Code or Airline Code in aircraft.cfg.

Is there anything else that could cause this problem ?

Can I get a copy of "allowed" Type Codes and Airline Codes that vPilot will recognize ? I have seen examples of (particularly) OK Airline Codes (3 letters) that seem to cause a problem:
Example : WoA_FM_Bae146-100 has OK Type code (BA46) and Airline Code of "CNO" and is unidentified, while -200 and -300 models have same Type Code as -100 and Airline Codes of "DAT", and are identified.

Is it OK to simply change the Airline Code in aircraft.cfg to an allowed one ?

Thanks for this great program. I love it.

Dave Hinson