By Lennart Vedin 910701
#527535 I have search but not found any related tip to my issue. I know vPilot worked once and connect to VATSIM, but after I used SimConnect related files, vPilot could not connect. Nevertheless I reformat disk and reinstalled Windows and everything. By default vPilot cannot now find SimConnect, and I have no idea why not now. Then I found SimConnect.msi in C:\Prepar3Dv4\redist\Interface\ESPv1 and installed, no success. Do I need another SimConnect.msi

Since this is the only way to connect to VATSIM, I just cannot fly VATSIM. Only offline :cry:

Does P3D need to run, just to find the SimConnect ? ... it could help research to know if it is a P3D runtime issue or a P3D install issue.

Typical, after ask I solve it, SimConnect for FSX is required even but I run P3D :D