By Robert LeBlanc 999022
#527717 When I run Rescan for the Vpilot, I get an error stating the specified model was not found during the last scan of your installed models. Please enter a different model. How do you do this. I'm flying the FSX sim, trying to get the aerosoft A321 plane to register with the model matching. Have no clue what to do. Where do I find the model matching page and what do I enter for the value.


By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#527736 Generally speaking you do NOT want high-end payware with every switch, dial, light, and stitch of fabric in the cockpit and passenger cabin being rendered over and over again for every other player on the network. Three or four of them flying within a 40nm radius of you will slow your system to a crawl. Since the closest you'll see the other network users is a few hundred feet away, it makes much more sense to use an "AI model" which is a much more resource-conservative, external-only model used to represent other players.