By Rohan Cholkar 1039663
#528026 Hello Guys,

Every time I am filing a flight plan it says "Flight Plan Failed"

I tried to look for this topic but looks like very few have had this issue so nothing there much that I came across.

can someone please help. Looks like I am stuck here and can not fly :| :|

I have attached a screen shot of both Flight Plan that I recently filed so to let you know what I am doing.

Thank you in advance

By Don Desfosse 1035677
#528038 Also can't see screen shot, but I only know of one reason for a flight plan to fail -- length. Maximum character length of 768 characters for route and comments combined. Assuming you're using something like PFPX, Simbrief or similar flight planning software tool, suggest trimming out the nonessential "junk" out of the comments. And if flying in the US, do not use DCT between waypoints.