By Jakob Elaaidi 1381397
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So i have been getting a few errors lately with the Airbus model matching, people are logged in at A320 for the callsign but vPilot or FLAI seems to give them the model for the A321 and not be able to find the A320 correctly correctly. I have also been having the same issue with the Neo's

I would write in BVA but i am not a member so i cant get in.
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#528437 Jakob,

If you haven't already spoken with Matthew or Ryan to resolve this issue, we're aware there's an issue with the A320 file in our latest update. We've got a resolution available and a fix is supposed to be pushed for it shortly.

If you're still having the issue, could you send me an email to [email protected]? I'll just send you the update directly so you don't have to put up with the error messages while you wait for the official update to be released.