By Collin Koldoff 1418634
#528468 Hi,
I am currently in creating modelmatching for the CS757 and Majestic Q400 with custom liveries but when someone connects with the correct callsign and aircraft type the aircraft shows up but does not have working landing gear unless I am in the same model. For the CS757 it does not show the winglets and it is synced to my aircraft (if my gear is down the aircrafts gear is down) is there anyway that I could fix this.
Collin Koldoff
By Ross Carlson 887155
#528470 My guess is that those aircraft use some custom data sharing that makes it impossible to have separate gear state for your own aircraft versus AI aircraft.

Are you sure you want to use complicated add-on aircraft models for model matching? That can be a real frame rate killer.
By Collin Koldoff 1418634
#528471 I was hoping to use the liveries that I already have created since making a new one would require a new model, do you know if I could take the FLAI models and put a livery on them and what the legal requirements are if I were to do so?
By Evan Reiter 1314720
Eddy Ruythooren 1373964 wrote:Hello everyone, just a question, as I only fly the GA RealAir LancairLegacy, Is there a modelmatching for this aircraft forseen in the future?
Grts Eddy


Installing model matching on your own computer is going to affect how you see other aircraft, not how they (or you) see your own airplane.

If your question is about whether FLAi will be able to include a LEG2 model such that other pilots will see you as a Legacy, I can tell you that at the moment FLAi has a rule that will model match a LEG2 to a Mooney Bravo, because we're not aware of a freeware, low poly model for the Lancair Legacy. If you happen to know of one, or find one, feel free to pass it along to us for evaluation.
By Eddy Ruythooren 1373964
#528492 Thanks Evan , I ask this becorce I am not sure how other pilots see me at the airport, I think that I will be visual to them as Medium ,not as Small so maybe they wait 2/3 min before takeoff due to turbulense and as I am only LEG2 (high performence ) this is not needed , as info I have FLAI14 and see the other traffic Perfect and I understand that ATC knows that I am GA-small
So even if there is an MTL for the LEG2 this will only have influence on there visual image , is this correct?
Grts Eddy
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#528551 If other pilots are using FLAi, and if you login using the type code "LEG2", other pilots will see you as a Mooney Bravo.

If we find a model for the LEG2 and add it, then yes, we can have other pilots/traffic see you as a LEG2.
By Eddy Ruythooren 1373964
#528570 Evan, ok I understand that I will be visual to everyone using FLAI as Mooney Bravo
This is perfect for me, indeed the fact that I fly GA and the other pilots see me as Small makes it more real to everyone
If one day there is a LEG2 MTL it will only make e litle differance
Thanks /Eddy