By Ron Henderson 811669
#528894 I just had a hard drive crash and am trying to get back up and running. Installed vPilot and can transmit, the controllers hear me fine, but don't receive any voice comms. I do receive the static sound when they transmit text, just no voice.
The blue RX light illuminates, but nothing.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#528921 Hi Ron, sorry to hear about the hard drive crash -- those stink!

I'm running out the door so this will be pretty quick, but I've included a couple of ideas in the vPilot Troubleshooting Guide, notably around port forwarding and things that could be blocking the port connection. Take a peek and search on "blocking" to find the FAQ -- hope it helps, and let us know if it does or doesn't!
By Ron Henderson 811669
#528929 Thanks for the help, but no luck. I have allowed vpilot through the windows defender and have no other anti-virus to worry about right now. I also forwarded the port to 3290. In the previous installation, I never had to forward the port. I am also not receiving voice on vERAM or vSTARS.