By MARK CABLE 947613
#529441 Hi,

I know this has been covered in other posts, and I have read them all and also the tips and tricks and the documentation info, but I am still struggling to get vpilot to model match in tower view whilst controlling on Euroscope at Cardiff (EGFF).

I currently use Traffic Global AI from Just Flight, but when I go into Tower view I cannot see any aircraft at all. Debug mode syays that vpilot cannot find a model match.

Here is an extract from my simobjects.cfg file:

It is pointing to the correct directory where Traffic Global is installed, In the vPilot settings\model matching\advanced box it shows my Traffic global and default P3D models a total of 802 models.

I have also created a custom rule xml file, which is below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="TOM" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="JFAI_737_800.TUI" />
<ModelMatchRule Callsign="EZY" ModelName="JFAI_A320_CFM_Easyjet" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="WLS" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="JFAI_737_800.Norwegian" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="WLS" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="JFAI_A320.IAE_RedWings" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="WLS" TypeCode="DH8D" ModelName="JFAI_Dash8_400.flybe" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="WLS" TypeCode="B789" ModelName="JFAI_787_9.NorwegianAirShuttle" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="WLS" TypeCode="S340" ModelName="JFAI_S340.RegionalExpress" />

I wanted all the Easyjet A/C to be just one livery, which if i read the documentation clearly I have done correctly on this .vmr file, however I had an easyjet aircraft arrived with the correct EZY callsign and yet still vpilot could not find a matching modelset. To be honest I am totally confused and I have a lot of Fsimming experience. Iam not concerned about stutters as at Cardiff we rarely have more than 3 A/C at anyone time.

I would appreciate it greatly if someone could point out where I am going wrong here.

Thanks Mark
By marcus holmes 815851
#529445 I see what you have done.

You current have this entry - `<ModelMatchRule Callsign="EZY" ModelName="JFAI_A320_CFM_Easyjet" />` but it needs to be this `<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="EZY" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="JFAI_A320_CFM_Easyjet" />

You forgot to put the word `Prefix` after `Callsign`, and also did not put in the TypeCode, that is why I think your Vpilot is not picking up your EasyJet aircraft.
By MARK CABLE 947613
#529455 Hi Marcus,

thanks for that, but the reason I have only put in "callsig"n is that I want all "EZY" to show as one modeltype, which is described in the documentation. I still cannot get any A?C whatever callsign to match at the moment.

Thanks Mark :(
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#529461 Surely then what is suggested is what you want?

Your version will only match where the aircraft callsign is EZY. Not EZY123 or EZY64GN. Hence why the suggestion is to change it to CallsignPrefix="EZY".