By Ross Carlson 887155
#530956 Version 2.2.0 of vPilot is now available in the Beta release channel. This is an important release for users that have more than one supported simulator installed on their machine, such as FSX and P3D. vPilot now stores model matching configurations separately for each supported simulator, and it auto-detects which simulator you are running, so that you don't have to go into the settings and tell vPilot which sim you're running any more. You can have different custom VMR files loaded, different model exclusions, and a different default model for each supported simulator that you have installed.

This release also brings back the ability to run a test of your model matching settings. If you enter the ".testmodelmatching" command, a window will open which will run a test of all your models by creating an aircraft using each one sequentially.

This release also brings back the ability to add a callsign to your ignore list, which will result in vPilot not rendering any aircraft using that callsign.

Here is the full list of changes:

- 0002737: Re-add .testmodelmatching command.
- 0002736: Auto-detect which simulator is running and use appropriate model matching config.
- 0002735: Store separate model matching configuration for each supported simulator.
- 0002722: Need to look for Addon as well as AddOn nodes in add-on.xml files.
- 0002721: Search ICAO type info when validating type code on connect window.
- 0002713: Add command line option for registering a VMR file.
- 0002670: If model matching data update check fails, the similar type codes don't get parsed, leading to null reference errors.
- 0002730: Do not use Carenado aircraft for model matching.
- 0002733: Re-add .ignore command.

You can get version 2.2.0 (Beta) by selecting the Beta channel in the vPilot auto-update settings and restarting the client, or by downloading it directly from the site:

Remember, this is a BETA version of vPilot, and there will likely be bugs. Please create a new thread in this forum if you find any issues.

Thank you.