By Stanislaus Mwape 1451191
#531686 I'm the latest user to vatsim but unfortunately can't play.. I've been trying to connect since Sunday but nothing no voice, so I was wondering if there is a fix... Please help if you know something or if you've experienced the same problem :( :( :(
By Nestor Perez 1369273
Stanislaus Mwape 1451191 wrote:Somoene please help seriously

Josh's link is actually a solution to your problem. There is already many posts about that exact same problem in this forums :)

Josh: That's awesome! Added it to my 'frequently used' list :lol:
By Kieran Harvey 1411003
#532020 Hi,

Can you receive but not transmit?

I had an issue like that recently, realized I could only transmit if I had vPilot open.

Do you run everything as Admin? If P3D or FSX is running as Admin, then vPilot must also run as admin to properly integrate with the sim.

Worth checking that off the list.