By Derek ADAM 825433
#532487 Nowhere can I find the settings for networking vPilot. I am running version 2.2.2 on both computers. W10 and W7.
In the settings menu I have only:-
Model Matching
Under Miscellaneous I have:-
Automatically squark mode C on takeoff
Keep window visible.

Nowhere can I find the commands for host/remote.

Your help would be appreciated
Derek Adam
By Derek ADAM 825433
#532514 Thank you for your rely. I have read and I think digested the network details in the manual about 50 times.

What is confusing me is:-

To launch vPilot in host or remote mode, you can use the special shortcuts that were created in your start menu programs list when you installed vPilot.

I cannot find these shortcuts you speak of and each installation results in them being "standalone".

Help gratefully received

Derek Adam
By Derek ADAM 825433
#532541 Hello
At no stage have I seen this list.
I presume you mean that i expect to find it under the directory listing of all files in Vpilot,
which has bean created in C:\Users\App Data\Local\Vpilot.

This is how the installation program set it up.

Sorry to be a pain!
By Derek ADAM 825433
#532554 Thank you for your help. Your fine program is now working on the network.

Nowhere could I find the list that you produced on you 2nd to last reply.

So what did I do?

Did a search through Windows for the required files and hey presdo they were there. By transferring the exe file to an icon on the desktop I can get the loading executed

I could start the two programs and was able to connect when IP address installed on the remote

SOOO I can now sneak off from the cockpit to have a cup of tea etc and yet keep tabs on Vatsim on a separate laptop!
Thank you for your prompt replies and support

Derek Adam