By Erich Berner 834484
#532524 Hi Ross

Now that I can PTT I have a request that I've been meaning to ask you about for a long time :)

It has been a huge bugbear of mine on VATSIM that the AI models do not animate rotating nose wheels. Is there a way to enable this animation in vPilot in the same way that flaps and spoilers are recognised? XP does this pretty well.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#532534 We have equal custody of that particular bugbear. :D FSX/P3D makes it quite difficult to control the animation of things like the nose gear, rudder, elevators, and ailerons. In order to take control of the position of those animations, you have to disable the internal sim logic for the aircraft. Then you lose the automatic animation of things like flaps and gear, and you then have to take full control over those animations. If I did that, vPilot would have to know the flap and gear animation speeds for each type of aircraft. It gets pretty ugly, pretty quickly. So what we have now is a compromise.