By Ross Carlson 887155
#532661 Hi all,

Version 2.2.2 has been available in the beta channel for long enough that I just now marked it as stable, so you will now be prompted to download v2.2.2 the next time you run vPilot, if you have it configured for the Stable updates channel. (This is the default configuration.)

The main update in v2.2.2 is for users that have multiple supported sims installed, such as P3D and FSX. vPilot will automatically detect which sim is running so you no longer have to switch it within the settings.

Also, v2.2.2 stores separate model matching configurations for each sim, so you can have a different default model, different custom model matching rules, and different exclusions and folder priorities for each installed sim.

This version also brings back the .ignore command to help with stream snipers.

The full change log is here: