By Ross Carlson 887155
#532721 I'm confused as to how FSX:SE works at all ... with no simobjects entries, it shouldn't have any way for you to select an aircraft and fly. Maybe FSX:SE uses your FSX config file?
By Krzysztof Wisniewski 1379408
#532722 I think it does. Every time I install some airplanes like pmdg it always uses the FSX standard config. Well, maybe that's a sign to finally move on to p3d :D. But when I'm thinking that I'll have to bother with all those installations again, I'm losing all encouragement. Anyways, thank you for making Heathrow shine in colors again and not making everyone a diehard fan of white a321 :D. Thank you, Ross, for such a dedication to the community and helping out fools like me.

Fly safe captain,