By Pawel Matusiewicz 1340619
#533365 Good day!
I've got a problem with my microphone device. The gear I use is a mic provided with HyperX Cloud I headsets. I've been using this device for over 2 years now (both with vPilot and communication programs such as Discord or Teamspeak) and I've never experienced any technical problems. But recently, I changed my motherboard and the CPU and that's where the trouble began. Even though my microphone is working properly with Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, voice recorders, etc., vPilot seems to have a problem with it. Once I click "Calibrate mic" button in the vPilot settings and record my voice, the only thing that I hear is a bunch of weird noises, crackling and buzzing. I'm sure that I installed the latest version of sound drivers, I also set my mic as a default communication device in the Windows 10 settings. As I said before, this issue appears only while using vPilot. Thank you in advance for your help!