By Sven-Erik Ekeroth 1271563
#533471 Hello,
I run both P3D and Vpilot as admin. Run P3d in window mode. Have seen "C" as Push / Talk buttom. Start the PRD and Vpilot which is always visible and rolls in the frequency. Press "C" and a short Brr can be heard from the speaker. No TX light up. Have had this problem two weeks now. Has reinstalled Vpilot, Airbus, but nothing helps. Could it be keyboards that have received any other attitude or something else? grateful for any fruitful idea.
Sven-Erik Ekeroth
By Magnus Meese 997444
#533479 Sounds like you need to have a look at the actual audio panel in your aircraft in the sim. The buzz sound comes due to you not being tuned to an active frequency, because with the current system you're only able to use voice on frequencies hosted by ATC (which is about to change with the new voice system, when that time comes).

If your aircraft doesn't have the radio tuned to an active frequency with the correct volume knobs and microphone switches set, you'll not transmitt anything.
By vincent carlo 850237
#533495 Are you possibly flying an Aerosoft Airbus Professional ? If so this is a known issue. There is a thread about this in the AS forums. Make sure you try to run your comms on another known good aircraft as your issue is probably with the a/c avionics.

Also look here >>> viewtopic.php?f=132&t=78735