By Matt Clary 1243153
#533598 Hello,
I’ve struggled long enough with this problem so hoping to find an answer here. My problem is not being able to transmit audio through my headset. This is a “one day it worked, the next day it didn’t” problem so I can’t blame it on systems or software changes I made. When I am tuned to a live frequency, I can hear other people and see the rx button light up. However, when I try to speak I get nothing. No blue light over the tx button, no audio received by others. I know the PTT works because I hear the bzz sound when I switch to an offline frequency. I’ve tried multiple headsets with the same results. My computer system recognizes my audio input which is the same input assigned in Vpilot. Basically I’ve eliminated software (reinstalled Vpilot), PTT button, aircraft used and the headset. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a calibration issue. Every time I go through the process, I get “Results: SpeechDrownedOut, Squelch: 1.00”. I’ve tried different combinations to get a different result from turning off the mic during the silent cal to being very loud during the speaking cal and everything in between. I’m at a loss, maybe there is something different I can try? Would love to hear what others think. Thanks!
By Magnus Meese 997444
#533602 - Run both the sim and vPilot in admin mode.
- Check the aircraft's radio panel, vPilot reads this and sets up the frequencies accordingly. The MIC select button and volume knobs needs to be set in the right way.
- Check that the correct sound device is selected in vPilot settings, Wave is usually a safer bet than directsound.
- Check Windows sound settings and verify max mic volume selected, boost options on if available.

The two first items above are the ones that will be related to the TX light. The two others are related to the voice test. If vPilot is not run in admin mode, it might not be able to read the PTT unless vPilot is the active window. And if you have the frequency set on the "wrong" radio, you might only be listening, not having an active mic set for it.