By Albert Rosenberg 825173
#534624 I'm sure somebody else has had this problem, but I am unable to locate anything relevant using my meager brain cells.

Running Prepar3d V 4.5 with vPilot 2.2.3 under WIndows 10

When I attempt to tune a frequency for ATL_CTR of 132.970 on my radio in the airplane, it indicates it has tuned properly.

When I check the comm frequency in vPilot, it indicates it is set to 132.975.

What obvious thing am I missing here?


Al Rosenberg :mrgreen:
By Ross Carlson 887155
#534625 Are you actually seeing the third decimal place (the zero) in your airplane's radio? I'm assuming not ... I assume you are seeing 132.97. The actual radio frequency is 132.975. Many aircraft radios simply do not display the third decimal place.
By Albert Rosenberg 825173
#534626 Yes sir, I am seeing the third decimal place displayed

The aircraft is the VRS F/A-18E SuperBug, and it does tune to 3 decimal places.

I am relative certain of this, as the default simulator ATIS Frequency for KNLC (NAS Lemoore, Cal.) is 121.575,and it tunes and receives it just fine. If i change the .xx5 digit to .xx0 the ATIS doesn't "play"

Somewhere between the airplane UFCD radio stack, and vPilot, it is having the 3rd decimal place changed from a "0" to a "5".

FWIW, this vPilot is a new animal to me. I've been away from VATSIM for some time, and am just getting back into it.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#534627 vPilot is showing you the frequency that it receives from the sim ... vPilot isn't changing it. My guess is that the sim is modifying the frequency, before sending it to vPilot. 132.970 is not a valid VHF airband frequency, not even in 8.33 spacing, so I'm not sure why the superbug lets you tune it. Maybe a military thing ... don't know.
By Albert Rosenberg 825173
#534629 It's a "Bug" in the SuperBug. Been there since 2010.

It never cropped up before this, since the combination of frequency, and which channel(preset) on which radio (comm1-2) allowed it to surface.

It's only in the "M" preset - which allows you to directly tune whatever frequency you need.

Doesn't happen on the other presets.

Been there since day #1. Can't possibly test all possible frequencies on both comm's, with 14 "Buttons" (presets) on each.

As the fellow I work with at PAX River Test Pilot School would say, testing that many variables in a meaningful way presents a "Preposterous mathematical equation" to solve.

Thanks for telling me what is happening on your end.

Al :mrgreen:
By Albert Rosenberg 825173
#534632 I'm sorry if I misled you.

I did NOT know of this before this morning.

I have never tried this particular combination of circumstances prior to today.

Once you told me that vPilot was only posting what it received, it was a fairly simple matter to eliminate other sources of the contamination.

I only made the comment about it being there since 2010, because that's when we started testing the TacPack with the SuperBug. Just never happened onto that combination of "external communications (IVAO/VATSIM) and a frequency which has .97x in it. JoinFS uses a product called SimComX, which only goes to 2 decimal places in it's frequencies.

Most folks have enough trouble flying the jet, without complicating matters by having to aviate and communicate simultaneously. Also, VATSIM makes it really hard for military flyers to even get onto their servers.

Anyway, thanks for the help, and hope this clears up my end.


By Ross Carlson 887155
#534634 I didn't say anything about being misled. :D And no apology is necessary. I just didn't understand why you were asking if you knew about the bug in the bug.

I trust there isn't any actual problem here ... you are able to talk to ATL_CTR, correct? Note that vPilot is smart enough to treat .970 and .975 as the same frequency when connecting you to a controller's voice channel. Essentially, vPilot ignores the third decimal place.
By Albert Rosenberg 825173
#534635 I think we're fine on that score, and the developers at VRS will sort out their code.

It's just amazing that we've managed to go nearly 10 years (Since Jan of 2010) without stumbling onto it before.

While I have your attention,

What are the criteria that vPilot uses to "turn on" the "Receive" light? Does there have to be an active transmission on the frequency for it to brighten up, like the transmit light?

Anyway, thanks very much for a great product. We have come quite a ways since Jason & Joe did the original Pro Controller and Squawk Box. I don't think John Eisenhower had any idea the network would grow to this size either?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#534636 The RX letters turn white when that radio is powered and enabled for receive. The background behind the RX lights up when you are actually receiving audio on that radio.