By Sivert groseth 1413847
#535257 Hey, a few days ago when i was about to connect to vatsim, an error message showed up, it said invalid server or "server not found". I go in to settings and select a server, i select UK hit apply and then it says "default model for FSX nout found please select another model". Again it was running just fine before i discovered this issue, and i don't even have FSX, my simluator is P3D v5. Is there any way that something has been installed in the wrong area, and some FSX file may have been placed itself in the vpilot files or anything? I have re-downloaded it and tried again, but i get the same issue? And i have updated FLAI. Need some help here!
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#535265 Some server configurations, including names, changed recently. If it happens again, go to Settings > Network and select one of the currently valid servers.

In terms of the default model issue, some questions:
1. Did you ever use FSX on that computer?
2. Did you ever try to "trick" your computer and/or P3D into "thinking" you had FSX installed (e.g. to take advantage of some sort of FSX-only software installation)?.
3. In Settings, on the left hand side, which simulator does vPilot show as installed next to "Model Matching"?
4. In Settings > Model Matching, what Default Model is shown?
5. If the answer to 4 is not the P3D default model of "Bombardier CRJ 700", what happens if you change it to Bombardier CRJ 700 ? (I'm not sure the logic Ross used in the recent update to scan your installation for simulator software and where vPilot searches for the default model, so it's possible this may not work (and I'm hoping either you'll try it and tell us or Ross will weigh in :) )