By Maciej Wiejak-Sochacki 1142114
#535972 Hello!
I've been troubleshooting the problem for 3 days, reading a lot topics, especially here. I don't remember when last I was writing about a problem in the internet ;) But now it happens. Ok, so I always was using SquawkBox, and it worked ok, but since it's not supported any more, I installed vPilot. First on FSX, and then od P3D. On both on them the problem is the same. I can conncect to the VATSIM, I see ATC and the traffic also. When I tune to the ATC, frequency sometimes go blue and I can talk to them, they can also hear me 5 on 5. But sometimes the frequency remains white, and they don't hear me. When I press PTT button, TX box lights up on a blue colour, but I hear a buzzer; I can talk to them on a private chat, and also text them on the main ATC channel. But can't use voice.

So I was testing it like this. I set up the aircraft (few of the AC, also the default ones), switch the master, avionics, batteries, APU, radio etc. And in this configuration I was logging to some airports in the same time. 75% of the time I could contact the ATC. The other 25% I couldn't.

That's what I've done:
- Allow access to vPilot private and public network in Firewall
- Make a rule in Firewall inboud and outbound Firewall settings
- Make an exception to vPilot in Avira
- Forward port 3290 in my router
- Run vPilot and Prepar3d in administrator mode
- Microphone use in P3D and vPilot is set to ON (windows)
- Connecting to different servers (however, I can't connect on Germany server I dont know why)

Help please ;)

By Maciej Wiejak-Sochacki 1142114
#535994 Yes, if I have luck and everything works fine, it works like it schould. I see all the ATC on the LH side, I can use voice, frequency is on blue color etc. When I have bad luck, the only difference is that the frequency is on white color, and I hear the buzzer when pressing PTT (but TX lights on blue). It seems that something is blocking voice channel, not the connection itself, but not all of the time. It depends on the ATC, but I have no idea what voice channel/ ports ATC are using. Further more, I don't know exactly how could I check it.