By Ahmed Zeineldin 1450113
#536216 Hello! I've recently have logged onto the VATSIM NETWORK and then when I connected all the other aircrafts were default. I have FLAI installed and when I entered into settings there was a bar showing Model Matching FSX and another which showed Model Matching FSX:SE. The one with FSX has all my files but the one with FSX:SE did not recognise anything and when I hit scan it shows 0 models, 0 identified. I have a picture over here. ... d.jpg?dl=0 ... T.jpg?dl=0
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536217 Ahmed, please open this folder in a windows explorer window:

Code: Select all%appdata%\Microsoft\FSX-SE

Within that folder you should see a file called fsx_se.CFG

Open that file in a text editor, and search for lines starting with SimObjectPaths

Do you find any such lines?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536230 Okay, so that's why vPilot isn't finding any models. I think I'll need to make a change to vPilot to have it detect this situation where you have both FSX and FSX:SE installed and they both point to the same exe file.

For now, you should be able to fix it by copying the SimObjectPaths entries from your FSX.cfg file to your FSX_SE.cfg file. You can find your FSX.cfg file here:

Code: Select all%appdata%\Microsoft\FSX

Make sure they are in the [Main] section.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536261 Okay, great. I would like to modify vPilot so that it properly detects this situation where you have FSX and FSX:SE both pointing to the same folder. It would be helpful for me to know the simulator name that vPilot detects when you run it. Can you look at the startup messages and tell me exactly what it shows in the line starting with "Connected to simulator." ? For example, mine says:

[15:07:38] Connected to simulator. (Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4)
By Maciej Wal 1393299
#537124 @Ross Carlson 887155 I have the same issue, FSX its finding all Model Matching but FSXSE says zero, I'll try to change cfg file and see if it works ... if you need any logs just send me pm and I can send them to you so you can change so in the future should work without any problems. Thanks
By Thomas Pain 1418710
#537577 Evening!
I have the same issue, however I only have FSX:SE installed. The fsx-se.cfg file contained only
Code: Select all[Graphics]
before I added the main and SimObjectPaths sections.

Once connected to the sim in vPilot (with FSX:SE) I get the following:
Code: Select all[23:01:01] Connected to simulator. (Microsoft Flight Simulator X)
[23:01:01] Custom model matching rules loaded.
[23:01:01] Model matching rules generated.

Models were initially only found in the FSX entry in the settings menu. Adding my model matching VMR files to the FSX entry did not get any models to show, only the default one. Adding the VMR files to the FSX:SE entry did show models, but not the correct models (ie. 737-200s for RYR because 738s were broken - I am going to reinstall FLAi tomorrow to see if it's an issue with that or A318s for EIN but I now think it's because they could not be found because of the paths).

From what I can tell, FSX:SE uses the
Code: Select all%appdata%\Microsoft\FSX
stuff instead of the FSX-SE folder.

Hope this helps :D
By Maciej Wal 1393299
#538149 Hi, Before updating Vpilot I had "Model Matching (FSX)" and was working perfectly fine, but after updating Vpilot its "Model Matching (FSX) and "Model Matching (FSX:SE) where on the FSX I had my all models but in FSX:SE was none, thats why adding line to .cfg solved problem with no models in FSX:SE.