By Sherlock Lau 1461982
#536383 i am using FSXSE and after installing, it can't detect the sim.
Message: No supported flight simulators were detected! Please ensure you have FSX or P3D installed correctly! vPilot will now exit.
Version: 2.3.1
I have used vPilot before, but i now have a new PC and i installed it again on my new PC. This has never happened to my old PC. Can anyone help me?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536386 I made some minor changes to the way sims are detected in version 2.3.0. I'd like to find out if those changes are causing this problem. Can you please install a previous version and let me know if it detects your sim? You can use this link to get the previous version: ... -2.2.2.exe

Note that when you run this version, it will prompt you to upgrade to 2.3.1, but you will need to say No to that upgrade, then let vPilot run as normal, and then let me know if it detects your sim.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536394 SimConnect isn't required in order to detect the sim. Did you do a normal full install of FSX:SE on the new PC? (You didn't just copy the folder from the old PC, right?)
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536397 In order to detect a valid sim, vPilot checks for several things. The first is the install path in the registry. For FSX:SE, the registry key it looks for is:


Within those keys, it looks for any of the following keys:


If any of those keys are found, it checks to see if the value of the key points to a folder that actually exists and contains the FSX.exe file.

It also checks to be sure the fsx_se.CFG file exists. That file is in the application data folder, which you can open by entering the following string into a Windows Explorer address bar:


If the cfg file is found, and the install path is found and contains the exe, then it considers it a valid installation.

Can you check for the above items and let me know what you find?
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#536410 In the registry.

Note that messing with the registry can cause bad things to happen. LOOK, don't touch is the key.

Click start, run. Type regedit.

Start drilling down the paths as shown by Ross above.
Report back your findings.
By Sherlock Lau 1461982
#536418 The AppPath is in
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition\10.0
Nothing is found in
FSX_SE.cfg exists in the corresponding AppData folder
The FSX installation location is C\Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (i know it's a weird path, but this is exactly the same path where I installed FSX in my old computer and vPilot connects fine)